American Curl

As the name suggests, the American curl originated from The United States, more precisely California, where a couple found this cat on the road with her ears curled.  They took the cat home only to realize the cat was pregnant.  Out of a litter of 5, 2 came out with the same ear curvature as their mother.  
In 1985 this cat was presented in an exhibition in Palm Springs where she was highly favored and immediately became registered.  Up to this day, the American curl is appreciated all over the world for it’s amazing appearance.  

The American Curl is a very playful and energetic breed.  They do well with a family with children and dogs but their must be adequate supervision in the initial stage of meeting.  

The American Curl loves to run, play and hide.  If you are planning to get one, make sure to have a designated area where she can jump in high places and hide.  This is to assure her of some privacy for her to feel comfortable.  

Note that this breed isn’t born with their ears curled but they do so over time.  Some curl more than others, so much so that their ears touch their skull.  

Obesity is well known in most breeds if not properly monitored.  Best feeding option would be to have an automatic feeder so there will not be any chance of over-feeding.  These cats need a lot of exercise so there must be designated times throughout the day for play time.  

This breed of cat generally has an overall healthy record but as with any other breed, they can get sick.  Be sure to visit your vet at least once a year for a general check up.  They generally can live up to 15 years or more. 

The American Curl has both long and short coats which needs to be brushed on a regular basis.  Clean ears with a cotton ball using a solution half vinegar and half water.  

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