Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a medium built sized cat, known for their smoked color coat which comes in white, black or brown with black stripes and spots.  On their foreheads is a distinctive “M” shape and their round shaped eyes are brightly colored.  Their faces are a slight round-wedged shape topped with medium to large sized ears.  Their hind legs are slightly longer than the front which gives them the appearance of tiptoeing on small feet.  The Egyptian Mau is usually mistaken for the Ocicat which have the same spots.


Egyptian Mau’s are very active and they love to play, they will keep you on the go so having lots of toys and a cat tree will be a good investment for him.  You can tell when he is happy, he will be vocalized and will flap his tail rapidly.  Another way of him showing his affection to his owner is by kneading his paws on you, because of this, frequent trimming of the claws are recommended.  Another unique trait about the Egyptian Mau is, they love to play in water…yes so don’t be surprised if you find a paw in your backyard pool or pond!

They are quite friendly but prefer their owners to anyone else.  If you have kids they will be ideal to play with and will have hours and hours of entertainment.

They weigh anywhere between 6 to 15 pounds and are a generally healthy breed.  But with most pedigreed and mixed breed cats there have been incidents of health related problems.

Daily dental Hygiene is best to prevent Gingivitis and other gum diseases. Combing or Brushing of the coat at least twice a week is required to remove dead hair and to distribute natural skin oils evenly. Clean ears with a cotton ball or a soft damp cloth using a mixture of half cider vinegar and warm water. Avoid using cotton swabs as this can cause damage to the interior of the ear.

These cats are best if kept indoors, be sure to keep their litter box spotlessly clean as they are known to be very particular about their bathroom hygiene.

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