The American BobTail

These adorable felines have the most luxurious fur, which is naturally water resistant. They are medium built in size and they share the same features as a bobcat. They may have the “look” of a wild cat but their personality says otherwise. The American bobtail is known for their short tails which is usually one-third the size of a normal sized cat’s tail. No two tails are alike. 

American Bobtail cats are very smart, gentle, loving, caring cats who will do very well with kids and other pets. They adapt to their surroundings very easily and will keep you and your guests entertained. They love playing puzzle games and they like to be occupied. 

They are generally a healthy breed but care should be taken nevertheless. Daily dental Hygiene is best to prevent Gingivitis and other gum diseases. Combing or Brushing of the coat at least twice a week is required to remove dead hair and to distribute natural skin oils evenly. Clean ears with a cotton ball or a soft damp cloth using a mixture of half cider vinegar and warm water. Avoid using cotton swabs as this can cause damage to the interior of the ear. 

American Bobtails have sharp nails and require frequent trimming or filing. Declawing is not recommended. 

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