How are you coping with being in quarantine with your cats?

So guys, today I am going to write a little about how being in quarantine with my cat has been thus far.  I would also like to hear your stories as well on how you guys are coping and keeping your cats entertained.  

I have 2 fur-babies at the moment, one being a stray who has chosen my home to be her home as well.  It has been non-stop attention seeking behavior from day one!  They don't ever leave my side and almost always walking in-between my legs so that I have to hold on to something to keep my balance when walking.  Oreo, who is the male, likes to just sit and watch me when I am doing everything.  whether it be cooking, cleaning or working.  He will sit close by to let me know that he is there.  

I try to keep the daily routine as normal as possible just as it was prior to the Covid-19 'stay at home'.  We would go out for a little walk in the morning to get some sunshine, come back in and have some play time then when it's feeding time, that's the only time they are not keen on me being around, so I will have some time for myself to do whatever I have to do.  They like their space when eating.  Go figure! 

In the afternoon period, this is usually when I am preparing lunch, they will play by themselves...most times.  I have lots of toys and games to keep them entertained for hours.  They usually get tired after this and will sneak off to their spots for a nap.  This is when I take the opportunity to get my work done.  At night, it's quiet time where we relax and wind down by looking at television or reading a book, they will sit quietly but are always sure to be close by.

So these are just some of the ways we get through our day.  I enjoy having more time to spend with my cats now.  Life is a hustle and bustle otherwise so let's look at the positive things that this pandemic has brought to us and also I pray for those who have lost their lives and risk their lives everyday to keep us safe.  Let's all do our part by keeping social distancing and stay at home!

Yours truly,

All Thingz Cats     

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