The Importance of well groomed cats

The Importance of keeping your cats well groomed 


Cats in their own way try to clean themselves as best as they believe they can.  Even though we may think they are doing a good job on their own, we as cat-parents need to understand the importance of helping them do the things they can’t do for themselves.  Grooming your cat is just as important as taking them for regular check-ups at the vet.  it’s for many reasons we should help groom our fur-babies.  To name a few I will make a list here: 

  1. To prevent fleas and ticks.  Regular grooming and baths will help to eliminate most of those pesty fleas, which in turn would leave your cats flea free and happy.   
  1. Sense of well-being.  Brushing your cat’s fur regularly eliminates discomfort in your cat, especially if you have a long-hair breed.  This will lessen the amount of fur balls your cat will digest by trying to groom themselves.   Also, by using the right tool, your fur-baby will feel like they are getting a nice massage while you get all those dead hairs off stimulating new growth and distributing their natural oils evenly to their skin.  This will leave them feeling relaxed and calm. 
  1. Proper circulation.  Brushing regularly helps improve circulation, especially in older cats.  It also helps in detecting irregular bumps and lumps which may need further investigation.   


It is very important that we take all these factors into consideration and that we try to make our fur-babies healthy and happy so that we may get to enjoy longer years with our lovely babies.   

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