Benefits of having a Cat Window Perch

Summer is here and your cat wants to go outdoors more than ever now to enjoy the sun and do a little bird watching.  Do you blame them?  Off course not!  But is it safe to allow your cats outside?  Maybe not.  We only want what is best for our fur babies and investing in a window cat perch is one sure way of keeping this promise.  

Having a window cat perch will allow your fur baby to be comfortable in his own space, where he will feel safe and can call his territory!  From this spot, if placed correctly, he can enjoy sun bathing which is very beneficial to him.  Did you know that the sun is an important source of energy for cats?  Cats love lying in the sun as this is an easy way of regulating their body temperature.  But like everything else, this should be done in moderation.  So the best place to put your window cat perch is by a window that sunlight shines through for a period of time rather than for the whole day.

As much as we think our cats are domesticated, they still have that natural instinct of wanting to hunt and prey on other animals.  This is why they love birdwatching.  Having a Window Cat Perch will allow your fur baby to relax and stare at birds for hours.  It can also be used as a cat bed, which your cat will love as he will feel comfortable in his own territory, enjoying the sun and view.  

Are these Window Perches strong?  Yes they are!  We offer two types of window perches that can withstand the weight of 22lbs and 44lbs.  (22lbs is the size of an average, adult cat).  The suction cups which holds the perch to the glass are bigger than normal size suction cups which make them a lot more durable.

Cleaning is easy, so no need to worry about that and it's very easy to install.

Without a doubt, I can assure you that this product will be a great investment for you and your cat.  

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