Sale on ID Tags and Collars!

Summer is here and we all know how much our cats love to be outdoors!  Whether they are just out in the garden or out for walks, our job as cat-parents is to keep our fur-babies safe!  Safe from other harmful animals, diseases and from getting lost.  ID Tags and Collars are just what this is for.  Now you may be thinking that your cat would not go venturing out far or they always return home so you don't need to get one.  That may or may not be true.  Even if it is true, we need to try our utmost best for it to never happen and life is very unpredictable.  We don't have control over a lot of things but what we do have control of is taking the necessary precautions in case it does really happen.  

Having an ID tag and collar is a sure way of finding your fur-baby in the even that he does step out of his norm and goes venturing further away.  We don't want this to happen and then be like "Oh no! I really should have gotten that ID tag!"  Keeping our fur-babies safe is our #1 priority so don't delay get yours today!

At All Thingz Cats Online we have a wide variety of ID tags and Collars to choose from.  Different styles and colors.  ID tags are also a fashion statement, which compliments your cat's identity and style.  So what is your Kitty's style?  Choose today and get 15% Off on our Summer Sale! 

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