Automatic Laser light interactive cat toy

Automatic Laser light interactive cat toy

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Cats need to have at least 30 minutes of playtime included in  their daily routine in order to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  But let’s face reality! 

Do we love our cats? - Yes!

Do we love playing with our cats? - Yes! 

Are we able to play with our cats all the time? - No!

After a long, hard day from work, it’s hard to balance playtime with your pet and all your other activities.  When we are not home we can’t play with our pets either.  

This is why we have made things so much easier by introducing an Automatic Laser Light Cat Toy.  It’s safe, easy to use and will leave your pet entertained for hours!  

Specs/features include:
Material: ABS+PC
color: White
Power: USB or 4 dry batteries
Laser light: Industrial laser light
Size: 80*80*180mm

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