Cat Scratching Bed
Cat Scratching Bed
Cat Scratching Bed
Cat Scratching Bed

Cat Scratching Bed

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Is it a bed?  Is it a cat scratching pad?  What is it you may ask?

CatPawlor introduces the 2 in 1 Cat Scratching Bed. 

It can be used as both a lounge and a cat scratching pad!  

🐾 Made from 100% High Quality corrugated cardboard. This non-toxic material is safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable.  

🐾 The scratching pad satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instinct and is tough and durable to withstand all the scratches and bites.  

🐾 Helps to maintain your cat’s strong paws, healthy claws and well-manicured nails.  

✅ Protects your furniture.  Now your cat can use the scratching pad to exercise and tone his muscles.  Relieve stress by using it as a lounge to rest and sleep.  

✅ Suitable for small and medium sized cats. 

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