💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦
💦Cat Water Fountain💦

💦Cat Water Fountain💦

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Are you tired of having to constantly change your cat’s drinking water?

Do you keep forgetting to change your cat’s drinking water because of your busy work schedule?  

Already have a cat water fountain but it’s not what you expected?  

Cat Pawlor™ # 1 Priority is to serve you with the best top quality products.  

The all new 💦Cat Water Fountain💦 


✅ Super Quiet - both you and your cat can enjoy the comfort of peaceful sleep and get more rest with the silent insulated water pump which reduces the noise of the water flow structure of less than 30db!  

✅ Larger Capacity - Other water fountains are only up to 2.5L.  With this larger capacity of 3.0L your cat will have clean water for a longer period of time.  

✅ Smart light indicator - the transparent display window allows you to see the water level in clear view.  There is an LED light which shows light blue when the water level is just right and then flashes red when it is too low.  The flashing light acts as a reminder that more water needs to be added.  The water pump is automatically switched off to prevent from dry burning.  

✅ Emergency storage - the top tray serves as an emergency water storage for example: in the event of a power outage.  300ml of water is stored on the top tray so that your cat can still have clean drinking water. 

✅ BPA free - Made of non-toxic plastic that is safe and environmentally friendly.  It’s durable and easy to use.  

✅ Non-slip design - the new sleek non-slip design makes it hard for your cat to knock over.  Say goodbye to spills and wet floors.  

Applicable objects: cats and dogs

Material: ABS
Power supply: USB interface
Water tank capacity: 3.0L
Color: black, white, pink, blue
Replace the filter element for 3L cat  automatic water fountain 

Filter replacement instructions:
1. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 30 days to achieve a good filtration effect.
2. The filter may be a little dusty when it leaves the factory, which is normal. It is recommended to use a new filter after soaking in clean water for 2 minutes.